“Give elegance to your movements”

Tinta Roja is a line of clothing and shoes created for Tango. The garments and shoes are treated in detail both from the aesthetic and technical point of view, offering originality, style and comfort. The shoes are hand-made in Italy and with top quality Italian materials.

Thanks to a wide selection of fabrics, colors and patterns, Tinta Roja offers the possibility to customize your purchase that will accompany you in an original way wherever you are!

Tinta Roja was born from the union of passion for tango with concepts such as style and comfort, conceived and created by Guillermo Berzins and designed by Chiara Angelica and Costanza Gruber, who with the experience gained in the world of dance, entertainment and fashion create models that perfectly meet the needs of dancers.

The Tinta Roja atelier is located at GB TANGO in the heart of Trieste (Italy). It is also possible to order garments and footwear by post from Italy and Europe!

Come and visit us!