Tango Fatal is an international Argentine tango company that has venue in Trieste (Italy). It was formed from an artistic idea of Guillermo Berzins, dancer and choreographer from Buenos Aires of world fame, who decided to bring the magic of this passionate dance to Europe, continuing the tradition of many illustrious predecessors who introduced and lead them to love Argentine Tango in the whole world.

The show, with a strong emotional impact, revives and lives on the stage the sensual and mysterious atmospheres of Buenos Aires managing however to maintain an abstract ambience suspended in time therefore always current and modern, where dancing, the main and fundamental element harmoniously blends with the music played by excellent musicians.

Interpreting the romantic and dramatic notes of the most famous composed tangos and combining the rhythms of different tango eras starting from contagious energy of Argentine folklore with its gauchos with bombos and boleadoras reaching spectacular contemporary choreographies, TANGO FATAL is a promise of irresistible seduction!

The new show of the company "Tango y Amor", was on tour in the month of February 2020, having sold out on the stages of important theaters such as the Manzoni Theater in Milan, Celebrazioni theater of Bologna, the Alessandrino Theater of Alessandria, the Ariston Theater of Sanremo, the Sociale Theater of Mantua and the Augusteo Theater of Naples, to name a few. It is currently still scheduled at the Teatro Nuovo in Ferrara and at the Teatro Alfieri in Asti, and will conclude the Italian winter tour at the Politeama Rossetti in Trieste.