GB TANGO, one of the largest Argentine Tango Academies in Europe, it was founded in 2015 by the Artistic Director Guillermo Berzins, who coordinates a team of teachers chosen among the best in the artistic and methodological view offering group lessons for all levels, individual private lessons and for small groups, thematic conferences and workshops, milongas every week as well as tango practices.

Located in the historical center of the city of Trieste (Italy), GB TANGO is a center for the culture of Tango at 360°, which currently has more than 250 students not only from Trieste but also from other Italian cities and from Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, whose venue is located in one of the most beautiful historic buildings of the Habsburg neoclassical architecture.

The structure has two rooms with a refined oak floor, mirrors and bars that perfectly meet the needs of dancers. The air conditioning system guarantees the ideal microclimate during all the activities offered by the Academy.

Added to this are the locker rooms for men and women, as well as an elegant break room where dancers can rest, socialize or simply listen to music while waiting for the lesson to start, read one of the many books offered by the academy library, listen tango from CDs or from vinyl records, watch the proposed videos or sip some of the thirst-quenching drinks available at the internal bar reserved for members.

Next to the break room opens the Showroom, where you can find the countless creations of the Tinta Roja line, which includes collections of tango shoes for Him and Her, as well as some of the most sophisticated clothing lines for the much sought after tango look.


With a personalized method the Academy guarantees quick learning of Argentine Tango, based on the experimental research of natural movement. Through the knowledge and mastery of his own body and emotions he aims to reach an unstructured improvisation for the student, starting from the abilities he already possesses and which are progressively developed so that he can express his style.

The annual program is divided in 3 course cycles structured in different levels: the first from September to December, the second from January to April and the third in the months of may and june with specific themed courses.

The courses are aimed to anyone that wants to get closer for the first time to Argentine Tango as well as those that want to improve and/or form professionally, relying on experts with a solid formation and experience.

“Learning never ends, for this we must dominate the anxiety and enjoy the moment”.
(Guillermo Berzins)